Saturday, February 6, 2010

Squadron Timetable

1972 - N. Ireland - Operation Motorman - July to November.
2 Troop (Malta Troop) had returned from the Med and deployed to N. Ireland and remained in Plymouth there after.
Based in Antrim.

May 1973 - Fort Riley, Kansas, USA - Construction Project.

Nov 1973 - Major Exercise with 3 Cdo Brigade - Lulworth/Salisbury Plains.

1974 - N. Ireland -March to June.

1975 Exercise Mousetrap - Kenya - March to June.
Building a Murrum surfaced road in the Meiti Valley.
Mattetea valley - 200km north of Nairobi.
66 Plant Sqn was in support for the tour.
2 troop was still based in Malta.
Some names on this trip:
Paddy Reilly - MT , Kevin Collins, Dokey Wooton (MT), John Tucker, Vince Jones (3 Trp), Frank Black (1 Trp), Scouse Metexas, Geordie Dobbin (MT), "Sniper" Bown (QM Dept), Smiler Millward (Spt), Gerry Merrett (Spt), Oggie Greatrex (3 Trp), Arnie Palmer (1 Trp), Nick Winder (SQMS), Bob Parker (66 Sqn), Taff Hartnell (Welder), Terry McGivern, Terry Gaskin (MT), Jock Grey (MT), John Hendy (1 Trp), Robbo Robinson, Rommel Ramsey (MT), Dave Lay (Spt), John Hexter (Spt) and Fred Farmer (3 Trp).

1975 - NATO Exercise (Amphibious) - Autumn.
This was a large Amphibious Exercise with 3 Cdo Brigade, culminating in an Assault Landing in Turkish Thrace.

1976 - N. Ireland - February to June.
Castle Dillon.

1980 - Forkhill

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